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Bridging the Gap Islington aims to break the cycle of offending, homelessness and addiction  by offering trained volunteer mentors to people at risk of offending, including people who are homeless or addicted.

Friendly support from someone who is concerned about them individually can help people to rebuild their lives, increase their confidence and move away from homelessness, addiction and offending.

We want to expand the provision of mentoring in Islington and North London so that a substantial proportion of homeless people and the 1800 people who come before the courts each year have the option of support from a mentor. This will need much more mentoring and better liaison between mentoring services and other expert services.


According to our constitution our legal aims are:

The prevention of crime and the rehabilitation of offenders, by offering offenders, ex-offenders and people at risk of offending advice, guidance and support to promote their general wellbeing and their integration into the wider law-abiding community , working together with other organisations with similar aims, particularly but not exclusively by providing a voluntary mentoring service for people at risk of offending.


Membership is open to individuals and organisations who are concerned about helping vulnerable people to rebuild their lives and believe like we do in the importance of personal support.  Together we can do more, please join.  Membership does not cost anything and does not commit you to doing anything.  It simply means that we keep in touch with you and you have the opportunity to influence the work of Bridging the Gap Islington at our AGM each year.  Just send us a request to join using the contact form or email to admin@bridging-islington.org.uk , giving your contact details

History of Bridging the Gap Islington

The group that was to form the core of Bridging the Gap Islington first met during 2012 with the aim of working with people at risk of offending.  After some initial discussions they decided to consider setting up a mentoring service and held two consultation events with local services offering related services during 2012.  Bridging the Gap became a formally constituted organisation in December 2012.

The initial training for mentors was run in May and June 2013.  However contacting service users and getting DBS checks took longer than expected and the first mentoring partnerships did not start until 2014.  During this time there was a lot of work on drawing up agreed policies and methods of operation.  This not only helped to build confidence in the organisation but also enabled Bridging the Gap Islington to meet the Approved Provider Standard of the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation in early 2015.

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